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Prem   |   Stylist

Cut and Style 130

Started my career in 2002

Intuitive, lived in razor and scissor cuts. I love all types of bangs and bobs. shags, long layers, pixies, bixies, mullets, and classic short cuts. 

I love filmmaking, photography, painting, nature, and tarot.

My go-to hair product is Hairstory's Hair Balm.  You can use it on dry or wet hair, it doesn't make hair greasy, you can layer it, it adds just the right amount of texture and it feels fantastic in your hair.  

Movies that inspire: There are many, but 'The Tree of Life' is definitely in my top ten. 

Artists that inspire me:: Bjork, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Hilma af Klint, Agnes Pelton, Georgia O'keefe

My favorite thing to do in L.A. is take long walks through Descanso Gardens
I believe a haircut can be more than just a "hairdo".  It can be a shedding of the past, a letting go, a welcoming of the new. A haircut can be a ritual, a spell, a rebirth. 





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