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Erika (She/Her)​   |   Senior Stylist

Cut and Style 200   |   Short Cut   165  |   Bang Trim 60


Started career in 2009

I’m a technically-driven creative specializing in cutting and styling hair.  I use both a razor and shears to showcase texture and movement in the hair, and bring out your favorite features.  I love to create soft, airy layers, cool shags, piecey bobs, and soft pixie cuts.  I also LOVE adding bangs to your look for an impactful change without sacrificing length if that’s your priority.


I draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, simple embellishments, and curious imperfections that create visual harmony.   I value distinctive idiosyncrasies over perfect symmetry and appreciate that beauty is subjective.  


Having spent over a decade in the hair industry, I have come to realize that the way we wear our hair is truly a reflection of our inner lives.  I believe that getting a haircut is an act of self-love.  And in a world that is constantly selling us insecurity, taking pride in your self-image is a radical act.


In my spare time, i’m often cooking, beautifying my living space, doing yoga, hiking and spending time in nature, making things with my hands, seeing live music, checking out new restaurants, and hanging out with my cat - Sammie. 


Some of my favorite hair products are The Whipped Texture Creme from Innersense and Undressed from Hairstory for adding the piecey details I love to see in hair.  On myself, I’ve been loving the Vegan Balm from Cult + King which I use in my hair to create a soft, supple texture as well on my body as a moisturizing cream.  


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