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Alex   |    Stylist

Cut and Style 130   |   Short Cut   90

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From the effortless movement of long shag layers to the flips and kicks of a textured bob, hair brings me so much joy. Using razor and scissors I usually cut wet and then dry to ensure the look is cohesive. Hand-painted dimensional colors are my fave. I love seeing what inspires people and bringing that vision to life. 


I’m slightly obsessed with my cat. Dancing is one of my favorite things. I love sunsets. I have the camera roll to prove it. I enjoy writing and vision boarding. And I’m convinced I will always need more clothes. 


I’m new to the non toxic life but I’m happy to be here. I’ve seen the Jelly and Tonik from Cult and King used on natural curls and it’s a magical sight to see. 


One of my favorite movies is Bridesmaids 


I usually jump around between Underoath and Halsey vibes as far as music goes. 


I’ve been in LA for almost a year, and my favorite adventures have included thrifting and hiking. But I’m excited to explore more and expand my horizons in art, music, and food so let me know if you have any recommendations! 


Open communication is all I ask from my clients. I want you to feel taken care of. I want you to feel heard. And I want you to feel seen. Let’s make some magic together! 




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